A world of new beginnings

May 25, 2012

And so we begin.

Let’s not kid ourselves and try to pin down a theme here. There will be book reviews and book talk because books are pretty much my life. There will also be reflections on trying to move to New York, actually moving to New York when the time comes, and, eventually, living in New York. There will be musings on library school. There may be attempts at creative writing and posts of my photography if I ever get the courage. There will probably be pictures of cats.

I realize that already I am living up to a stereotype, but hopefully as time goes on I will manage to debunk it somewhat. And if not, I’m awesome despite my stereotypical behavior, so too bad.

I am currently in New York visiting the school and looking for a place to live. It is hot and muggy and generally disgusting outside. We walked everywhere and I don’t own sensible shoes, so I think I have rubbed a few essential layers of skin off the bottom of my feet. In any case, my computer needs to recharge and so do I, so tales of the Strand later.


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