I recently finished reading ​Freedom​ by Jonathan Franzen.

May 28, 2012

Freedom has gotten great reviews from critics, but I have to say I was underwhelmed. There were parts of the story that I found interesting, but overall I found I just wasn’t particularly interested in the characters.

Through other reading experiences I’ve learned that I don’t necessarily have to like the characters in order to care about them or be interested in their stories, but the characters in Freedom held no appeal. It isn’t that they aren’t likeable. They’re flawed, but they have their moments, and Franzen did his part to make them feel like real people. Something just didn’t click for me, I guess.

I kind of feel bad when I don’t really like a book, but there isn’t a particular issue (i.e. bad writing, bad plot). I know that I don’t have to like every book I read, but somehow it just feels wrong…


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