City Scene with a Red Balloon

June 4, 2012

Driving through the city this morning I saw a street sweeper approaching a red balloon that was drifting across Florida avenue. I was driving in the opposite direction, so I didn’t get to see what happened to the lonely balloon. I’d like to think it was spared, but I’ve seen those machines in action before. There is a metaphor for childhood/reality in there just begging for someone to wax poetic, but I think I need a good cup of tea (and maybe a nap) before I embark on any poetic endeavors today.

Looking back, I keep wishing that I had my camera or the forethought to snap a picture with my phone,  but in reality I don’t think it was really much to look at. I think it has just gained some sort of visual beauty in my memory because I keep thinking about a single red balloon on a city street with a street sweeper looming over it. If only I could draw, I could recreate it….


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