A Goodreads Surprise

June 12, 2012

Goodreads is a beautiful thing.

It’s really evolving and now people can recommend books, which I find useful because I can say something like “I want to read books about World War I” and people can look at that and make recommendations for me. How awesome is that? People/friends can also just suggest books they think you’d like.

So lo and behold, one day I get a book recommendation from someone I’ve known for most of my childhood (we went trick or treating together as little kids and then would go back to one of our houses and sort our haul)… and he wrote it.

In order to promote the book, he was hosting a giveaway, and I won a copy, so expect a review in the near future.

The book is Brass Legionnaire by Daniel Ottalini and you can read his blog here. I’d give you a description, but since he wrote it, I think he probably gives a better one.

I’ll just say that from the get-go I was intrigued. I’m definitely excited to read it. I have a few library books that are already overdue at the library, so I’m going to try to finish those and bang out reviews quickly, but this is otherwise at the top of my list.


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