Retail Pre-therapy

June 24, 2012

Yesterday ended up being a bit of a shopping day for me.

I got new glasses a few weeks ago, but realized that both pairs were really simple, verging on boring looking, so today my dad took me to his “place.” He touted it as this great place where they have snazzy glasses and they can look at you and figure out what shape will look good on your face. I was skeptical, but… (and I hate to admit it) he was right. I found a pair that I like a lot more. I’m going to keep one of the original pairs I got as a “back up” in case something unfortunate were to befall my specs, but the other pair will go back.

After that, I got a Thai yoga massage. My aunt is a massage therapist and recently took a class in thai yoga massage, so she needed to practice. I told her she can practice on me anytime!

Then we went to some stores and I got drinking glasses for my new apartment, a lamp, some tiny pails for decoration, and a set of sheets (and a bottle of seltzer). I’m getting into decorating mode, which is very exciting, but I think I’ve blocked out the part where I have to actually pack all of my stuff. I have so much stuff to pack, it’s kind of overwhelming. And so many books… Somehow I don’t think denial and avoidance will work in this situation. Maybe I’m buying things to avoid thinking about it? Retail pre-therapy?

Also… packing will really cut into my sitting around/reading time. Alas.



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