Someone Explain the Internet to Me, Then Give Me a Job

August 8, 2012

Is it just me or is social media kind of a black hole? I think my “geezer” is showing…

Allow me to explain:

I truly enjoy books. Everything about books. And furthermore, I enjoy writing about books. So there’s this blog. The next step, it seems, would be to take it to the next level and maybe try to convince someone to pay me to write about books. (I really want someone to pay me to read books, but since everyone assures me that that will never happen, I’ll just have to write as well). There are professional bloggers out there who make their blogs pay, but I am not tech-savvy enough for that (and that may really be the gist of this whole post — it’s hard to tell). So I turned to Book Riot because they’re, well, awesome, to see if I could beg them to let me work there and soak in the genius. The office only needs tech people (damn), BUT they are always looking for contributors.

I was extremely excited to learn this and immediately began drafting the most dreaded of documents (the cover letter) and considering what pieces of writing I would send to them. Then I noticed it: the seemingly innocuous request to send, along with a writing sample, “your Twitter username or Tumblr URL.”

I froze.

I don’t have a Twitter or a Tumblr account.

Well, that was somewhat easily remedied, and now, dear readers, you can follow me on Twitter @Poindextrix (just click the lovely little button on the sidebar).

I figured that I should have some tweets to my name before I submit anything though, and, frankly, I have no idea what writing samples to send. I’m tempted to simply send the blog link and let them have at it, but that seems 1) incredibly lazy and 2) perilous as some posts are definitely better-written than others.

But back to social media as a black hole. My meaning was two-fold.

In one sense, since joining Twitter, I have spent a truly baffling amount of time on it. I blame Neil Gaiman. The man is too interesting for his (or my) own good. Thus, I have been sucked into this new world of information and will pretty much never be able to free myself.

The other: in looking for other writing-related jobs online I am at a complete loss when it comes to some of the job requirements. I have been well-educated and if I’m being honest and throwing aside my self-deprecating and self-worth issues, I do think I am a reasonably intelligent human being. Based on the verbal scores of every standardized test I have ever taken, as well as my liberal arts and humanities-heavy education, I think it is fair to say I am at least a decent writer. And yet despite all this I appear to be entirely unqualified for all of these writing jobs due solely to social media. I am not naive. I realize jobs such as these are dynamic and require a broader skill set. But there is a reason I avoided the comp. sci. classes. I was a literature major. My “familiarity with HTML” extends no further than copying and pasting said code into my blog to get buttons to show up. That, coupled with my apparent lack of understanding of the internet and social media seems to make me unemployable.

I need to find a mom and pop book store and hunker down for the long haul…


4 Responses to “Someone Explain the Internet to Me, Then Give Me a Job”

  1. I understand – COMPLETELY. I was coerced into the Facebook thing by my daughters as it seemed the only way to see photos of the granchildren. I haven’t a clue what Twitter is all about and getting the blog up and running was a mission. It’s a struggle in this tech savvy world!!

    • Thankfully Facebook, I can do (though it gets dicey with some of the apps on my computer). I love technology, and am probably as addicted to it as anyone, but it frustrates me so much sometimes (especially when it gets in the way of my finding a job).

  2. It’s crazy how much the landscape has changed (although I have to admit, I haven’t been around long enough to notice a dramatic change!) and I actually just met with a career coach at work on Tuesday, to ask how to work in my blog and twitter user name into my resume. It sounds weird, but it’s starting to be a big deal!

  3. […] I’m in an Information Technologies class, and while my professor is beyond amazing, our most recent assignment involved designing a (albeit incredibly simple) webpage using HTML and CSS. In case you cannot accurately call to mind my fear of all things Technology, I will direct you back to this post. […]

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