Book ADD

August 26, 2012

Sometimes I go through bouts where I can’t seem to concentrate on a single book and end up reading multiple books at the same time. This isn’t a one book at home and another one in my purse kind of thing; no, at this point I’m in the middle of reading 5 separate books. Sometimes it’s worse. This is what I refer to as “Book ADD.”

Before anyone starts yelling at me, I understand and acknowledge that people with ADD face a number of difficulties and challenges. This is simply the best parallel I can draw and I do not mean it in an offensive or derogatory way.

I’m used to this. It happens fairly often and probably has something to do with my lack of restraint in choosing books at the library. I’m like a child herding them home and then smiling bashfully, professing that they followed me home. I have a wealth of exciting books and then I can’t choose, so I just start reading them all.

This habit doesn’t usually cause me too much of a problem when I’m reading. I can usually pick up the thread of the story in whichever book I’m reading pretty quickly. It is problematic when it comes to reviews though. For whatever reason I can finish the book and have whatever thoughts about it, but can’t pick them out or articulate them very well. It also takes me longer to read each book, which is really very counterproductive.

I just finished a book, but as it was during one of these bouts I don’t know how much of a review there will be. I will, however, be posting older reviews from my old blog, so you’ll get to see my recycled opinions.


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