Bookstores in TV

February 3, 2013

The New York Times recently ran a story about the “new” trend (read: since you could stream things online) of binge-watching TV shows. It reminded me of the week or two during my senior year of college when I watched the entirety of the British TV show Black Books. I’m pretty sure it was during finals or midterms…

In any case, Black Books is about a crotchety bookstore owner and his friends. They drink wine and the customers are always interrupting and wanting things. I find it highly entertaining and it’s therefore tragic that British tv series have few episodes per season.

There aren’t that many TV shows where bookstores feature prominently, so Black Book sets itself apart, and it really is fantastic. Give it a try if you have some time and want to laugh. I think it’s time I watch it again, though I might try to space out my episodes a bit more to make it last.

I was going to write about how more shows should use bookstores as a setting, but I think maybe that’s an argument for another time. I know now you’re all dying to go watch TV…


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