Incurable Bibliophilia

March 16, 2013

The other day I stopped by my local branch of the library to pick up two of my holds that had finally come in. When I went to check them out I asked the guy behind the desk if the others I had requested were still marked as “in transit.” He dutifully checked and — get this — involuntarily lifted an eyebrow.

At first I thought it might have been a judge-y reaction to one of the books I was checking out (a lá why is a grown woman reading YA?), but then I realized that the far more likely explanation was that he was reacting to the combined number of books I had checked out and on hold.

Basically the dude thinks I’m a book hoarder and I totally am. I will stand up and announce to the world

I am Poindextrix. I love books. I secret them away and have stacks of them next to my bed (and kind of all over my apartment). I am addicted. I do not plan on seeking help.

Also, let’s be real. NYPL’s loan times are pretty short, especially for books with long waiting lists, and when I have tons of books out, they’re always overdue. You need my late fees NYPL. I will pay them. Don’t raise your individual eyebrows at me (eyebrow? One institution, so one collective individual eyebrow?).

Does anyone else ever get strange looks from people re: large numbers of books from the library?

Back in Maryland I would routinely walk out of the public library with upwards of five books. I would go in to return one or two and walk out with four… or seven.

It’s a sickness. The best kind. And it’s totally incurable.


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