Ready Player One — Review

April 4, 2013

I started Ready Player One right after I finished Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, and as opposite as they would seem to be, they were actually kind of similar in bizarre ways. And of course one obvious way: the central story in each follows an epic search for something.

In Ready Player One gamers all over the globe devote their lives to hunting for an easter egg hidden in the Oasis — the future interactive version of the internet created by one of the best video game developers of all time. Halliday, multi-billionaire and Oasis inventor, hid the easter egg just before his death and laid down the stakes: whoever finds it gets everything.

Just as in Penumbra, I loved seeing how clues started to reveal new information in Ready Player One.

I am not well-acquainted with video games and therefore didn’t get about 98% of the references in this book and yet I was still captivated. I can only imagine how awesome Ready Player One is for people who get more of the references.

So yeah, I liked it. A lot. I found the story really engaging, but I kind of wish we could have seen things from other characters’ points of view. I feel like this is a problem I have a lot— I always want to know more about other characters.


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