Fat Girl, Fairy Boy — Review

April 11, 2013

I recently read Fat Girl, Fairy Boy by Carol McConkie. In the interest of full disclosure I received a free e-pub copy of this book for review. It was officially released this past week via book-hub.com.

The blurb for Fat Girl, Fairy Boy immediately drew me in. The struggles of these two characters and how they find themselves and understand each other in the perfect way was something I hadn’t really seen before.

For that reason the first part of the book was a bit more aligned with my interests and expectations. The entire part in Central America was incredibly confusing for me. I don’t believe that was in the original description and it therefore caught me way off guard. Let’s just say that the book takes a drastic turn for which I was not fully prepared. I was invested in the characters and therefore invested in the outcome, but felt like it was kind of a bizarre direction. I got back into in the last third or so of the book.

There was significant character development in this book, it just happened differently from what I expected. I would have liked to see more of Frei and Robin’s journeys and earlier days together.

Even so, I think this was an amazing portrayal of human fortitude and strength and how people can find salvation in purpose in the wake of difficulty.

This book was a bit unusual for me in that I had to actually stop and evaluate whether I really enjoyed reading it. It was certainly engaging, and I did feel like it came to a mostly triumphant end.

Fat Girl, Fairy Boy isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you like strong storytelling, I say give it a shot. You can find out more about it at http://www.book-hub.com.


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