Forays into Domesticity — A Photo Essay

May 4, 2013

I have been MIA for a while, but hey, it’s the end of the semester. I have finished a number of books and will review them… eventually.

My last class is Monday, and then I’m free. Until summer classes start. In any case, I’m eagerly awaiting the end of the semester. I see lots of reading in my future.

Anywho, in the recent days I have taken a turn for the domestic. Perhaps it’s the Spring Cleaning bug, or maybe I’m just using cleaning my apartment and cooking as modes of procrastination.

But seriously, this is the best procrastination ever. Now I have risotto. Risotto, people! Forget ambrosia, this is the food of the gods.

And now I will show you how I made it:

One day I will master chopping onions into evenly-sized pieces. One day…

Then you throw the onions and olive oil into a hot pan. Add some chopped garlic and some herbs (I used oregano and rosemary because that’s what I have in my pantry).

Then throw in the arborio rice and mix it around so everything is coated with the oil.

Stock time! I use vegetable stock, but I hear using beef broth gives a good flavor too, if you eat meat.

Let the rice soak up the liquid, while stirring frequently. When you can pull the spoon through and there’s a bit of a delay as it all comes back together, add more stock. Repeat until the rice is cooked.

Then it’s all nice and creamy and delectable!

Flavor to taste with salt and pepper.

And add cheese if you so wish (I definitely wish). Last time I made risotto I had shaved asiago, but this time it’s plain ol’ shredded mozzarella.

Then pour yourself a glass of wine (or other beverage, I suppose) and enjoy!

This was a lovely little interlude in my weekend, but now it’s back to reality. At least until Monday night.


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