The Stone Diaries – Review

May 9, 2013

I recently finished reading The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields. This was a really interesting book. It had the narrative feel of a saga even though it’s under 300 pages.

Daisy Goodwill Flett is the narrator, using the stories of those around her and reflections of her own life to figure out her place in the world. I have to say the fact that Daisy is the narrator isn’t always entirely clear, and she is not always the most reliable of narrators. Even she admits this later in the story. And yet it doesn’t matter. This isn’t about what “really” happened. It’s about Daisy’s life and, more importantly, how she remembers and perceives it.

The Stone Diaries has a great narrative thread with interwoven characters and details that make it a phenomenal read.


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