The Arrivals — Review

July 13, 2013

I picked up The Arrivals by Melissa Marr at BEA and was immediately sold on the story. Chloe wakes up after a night of drinking thinking that the hangover and guilt of ruining five years of sobriety are all she has to contend with. Except she doesn’t wake up in Washington, D.C., but a different world called the Wasteland where there are monsters aplenty, but answers to questions about why Chloe is there and how things work in this new world remain scarce.

The other Arrivals — Jack and Kitty, brother and sister from the Wild West; Edgar, a Prohibition-era bootlegger; Francis, a former hippie; Melody, a trigger-happy 50s housewife; and Hector, a former carnie— take Chloe back to camp and teach her the ropes, but things in the Wasteland are changing and Chloe has to adapt quickly while the others try to figure things out.

The Arrivals has everything — engaging characters, twists and turns, and a different world with all manner of strange inhabitants. Marr’s storytelling keeps you reading and guessing.

I loved reading about these characters and this world. Even before I finished I was starting to cross my fingers for a sequel (there’s no reason to expect one, but a girl can hope).

The Arrivals is a great summer read. It moves quickly and the characters are people with whom you wouldn’t mind spending a few hours. By the time it’s done you might find yourself wishing you’d read a bit slower.

It came out earlier this month from William Morrow Books, so venture forth to your local bookstore or library or what-have-you.


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