Gods Behaving Badly — Review

August 25, 2013

Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips has been on my to-be-read list for ages and I finally got around to reading it recently. I was wandering the shelves at my NYPL branch and there it was, waiting for me. Clearly it was a sign that it was time for me to read this one!

Allow me to set the scene:

It’s present day (or near enough) and the Greek gods are drained of power and living in a dilapidated house in London. Driving each other crazy and doing their best to conserve their remaining power, the gods try to fit into the twenty-first century world, but old habits die hard and what starts out as a small disagreement between Aphrodite and Apollo could lead to the end of the world. Now, the fate of everyone — gods and mortals alike — rests on the shoulders of two exceedingly ordinary (and mortal) humans).

The entire story is entertaining, but I really like the last quarter or so, when it becomes clear just how entwined everything really is and how gods and mortals need one another to thrive.

Gods Behaving Badly was a super quick and fun read for me. I read it in a day or two and probably made a number of people a bit uncomfortable as I giggled while reading it on the subway (which, I think, is usually a good indication that a book is good). If you’re like me and have a special spot in your literary heart for mythology, then you’ve got to read this one.


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