I recently finished reading an e-galley of This Is How I Find Her by Sara Polsky.

This was a really interesting book. Sophie is in high school. She does well in her classes (especially art) and goes straight home everyday, checks in on her mom in her studio space where she paints all day, and continues upstairs to their apartment to start dinner. Expect on the fourth day of junior year. On that day, Sophie’s mother attempts suicide and Sophie is suddenly plunged into new waters.

As her mother recovers and Sophie is, for the first time in five years, not responsible for anyone but herself. Finally getting to be her age is different and scary and she knows it can’t last.

There’s a lot going on in this book and you’re really with Sophie every step of the way. She feels responsible for everything, but knows that isn’t fair and you really feel for her. There are also family secrets bubbling under the surface, waiting to be exposed.

This Is How I Find Her takes a different look at mental illness and family dynamics and I definitely recommend it.