Watching World War Z

April 12, 2014

You may remember that I read Max Brooks’s World War Z over the summer and, despite my apprehensions about the zombie genre, really enjoyed it. Well, I finally got around to watching the movie.

I was really curious about how they would make this movie work since the most interesting part of the book for me was the way that Brooks chose to tell the story. That oral history format is not something that would translate particularly well to the action movie that they were so clearly going to make.

Overall though, I was impressed with the way they adapted the story. Yes, there were a lot of changes, but I think that the filmmakers stayed true to the spirit of the book. It is also possible that I was just less attached to the material than in other book-to-movie adaptations and therefore didn’t mind seeing things changed as much.

Either way, it was an entertaining movie. I’d recommend it if you’re at all into this type of story. Maybe don’t start it at 11pm like I did (I make bad choices when it comes to the timing of my movie viewing) unless you want to stay up super late watching other happy non-zombie things after.


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