The Wife of John the Baptist — Review

May 4, 2014

Note: I received a free review copy of this book from the author, K. Ford K. in exchange for an honest review.

I should probably begin by mentioning that I know absolutely nothing about John the Baptist beyond the whole Salome-asking-for-his-head thing. And I’m even hazy on the details of that. So I read this as straight historical fiction. Others with more of a religious education/background might read it differently and therefore have different things to say.

To get straight dow to business, I really enjoyed reading this book. I found the characters to be engaging and it was easy to connect with their struggles and frustrations.

There are some things that bother me though. Hessa is our protagonist. She has this phenomenal gift that ultimately draws her to John and she is his strength and driving force, yet the story is so much about him. She goes against tradition in so many other ways, but she can’t make her story her own.

It also almost feels like nothing happens (which is a bizarre thing to say because in reality a lot happens). After a certain point, everything just feels extraordinarily laid out.

None of this is to say that you shouldn’t read this book. You should. It is a prime example of great storytelling and awesome historical fiction. It transports you to another time and another place while reading.

Others agree because The Wife of John the Baptist is up for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in the general fiction category. That means that right now you can go to the award page and read an excerpt of the book for free. Free people!

Now go forth and read!


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