The Silver Linings Playbook — Review

May 23, 2014

I’ve been meaning to read this one for a while now. I have that compulsion to always read the book before seeing the movie, so when there was all that buzz about the film it moved up a bit on my list. And yet I only got around to reading it a couple of months ago (and I’m reviewing it now. This should give you an idea of my backlog/time management skills). It felt oddly appropriate that I didn’t get around to reading it until after I moved to Philly though.

I have to say, while I enjoyed this book, it didn’t really thrill me like it did a lot of other readers. I’m really going to blame the expectations game for that one. You see, I don’t have any particular criticisms of the book. I think that the characters were well-developed and their relationships complex. Parts of the plot might have been a bit far-fetched, but I can spare a bit of suspension of disbelief as a reader now and then. When this book fell a bit flat for me, I think it was just because I had heard such great things from so many people that the book couldn’t possibly meet the expectations I had built up in my mind.

I don’t think I would go so far as to call this a story of redemption, but it is at least a story about the beginning of recovery and forgiveness. Even if it wasn’t at the top of my list of things I’ve read recently, I’d definitely recommend it.

At some point I plan on watching the movie and seeing how it stacks up against the book. The book had some unexpected twists and turns and I’m wondering how they’ll play out on screen. I also found it difficult, on occasion, to connect with the characters, and I think that the movie could either really improve on that or really botch it. I’ll have to wait and find out!


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