Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us — Review

July 1, 2014

How could I possibly resist a book with this title (and a cover image of a sheep looking back, possibly seductively—I don’t know sheep sexual signals)? I couldn’t, obviously. I first heard about this book back at BEA 2013 and immediately thought “yes. I must read that” because narrative social history + taboo subject = awesome (until you’re awkwardly carrying this book on public transit, but more on that later).

I have to say, this book was way drier than I was expecting it to be. Jesse Bering’s snarky voice comes through in between the facts, which is refreshing, but the book is data-heavy and not so much the compendium of “here’s all the crazy crap that turns us on” that it kept promising to be.

Much of the book discussed societal and medical ideas about “perversions” and how they’ve changed through history as well as ideas of “naturalness” and “harmfulness” as they pertain to perversions (or paraphilias, as we learn they’re called). It’s all interesting stuff, just not as flashy and a bit denser reading.

I would certainly recommend it, just know what you’re getting into. It’s not a “dirty” book or an exhaustive list of the kinds of fetishes/perversions/paraphilias one can have (there are a lot), but more of a discussion of the progression of social and medical thought about them.

Also, if you read it in public with the cover visible, you will get an array of looks (it’s not like it’s a how-to guide, but people are weird and judge-y), just a warning.

Go forth and read (you pervs)!


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