Attachments — Review

September 10, 2014

Rainbow Rowell is best known for her YA novels, but Attachments — written for an older audience — shows her ability to write for and connect win any reader.

Meet Lincoln. He’s wandering a bit through life — living with his mom and not totally sure what path to take. He has a new job as an “internet security officer” at a newspaper and while he thought this would mean putting some of his coding skills to use, it actually has him working nights so he doesn’t interact much with the people whose email he reads.

Beth and Jennifer work on opposite sides of the newsroom, but exchange copious emails about all the inner workings of their personal lives. In this informal, definitely-not-work-related correspondence, their wit and personalities shine. They know in the back of their minds that there is “someone” who monitors the company email, but it’s hard to take an invisible (possibly voyeuristic?) entity seriously.

Beth and Jennifer’s emails — with all their personal information and PG-13ish content — get flagged by the program Lincoln uses to monitor computer activity. Technically he should do something about this, but their emails are so entertaining and the women seem so endearing. But what will happen once Lincoln realizes that he’s developing feelings for one of the correspondents?

Attachments is quirky and cute and it tells a slightly different story. There are parts that are fairly predictable, but that doesn’t take away from any of the enjoyment.

I would definitely recommend this. It’s clearly for an older audience, but is in Rowell’s captivating style. To be frank, I think this book would appeal to a number of YA readers as well. It’s an irreverent look at early-mid adult life, navigating the world and social situations, and determining what we want in life. Rowell treats these topics with honesty and humor and the results are fantastic.


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