The Luminaries — Review

November 24, 2014

Eleanor Catton won the Booker Prize for The Luminaries and while it took me a few tries to get into it, it is undeniably an impressive work of literary and historical fiction.

The book might be over 800 pages, but I don’t really have that much to say about it. It is a bigliterary fiction book. In listing the approximate page count I think I’ve lost some of you already and that’s fine, but for those of you still with me I do think that it is work the time investment.

The Luminaries is an intricate web of stories woven together with mystery, revenge, and fortunes lost and gained. There are pieces that don’t appear to be connected until the very end, which makes the last bit of the book really pay off.

This book definitely isn’t for everyone. It takes a while to get going and at first there isn’t much to really suggest why the reader should actually care about what’s happening, but if you give it a chance the intrigue of it all will pull you in.

If you have the patience for literary fiction that takes a little while to find the right pace, and enjoy historical fiction with different settings (New Zealand! Gold rush!) then I would definitely recommend this.


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