The Fever — Review

January 24, 2015

The first book I read in 2015 was The Fever by Megan Abbott.

Deenie Nash, her brother Eli, and her father Tom have settled into a decently stable life after her mom moved away, but that stability is shaken when Deenie’s best friend has an unexplained and terrifying seizure in the middle of class. As hysteria sweeps the school and town, more girls fall ill, and Deenie — who remains fine — seems to be the link.

In some ways, this book went in an unexpected direction, but I could almost see this being an episode of some police procedural like Law & Order: SVU when it came to the motivations and behaviors of some of the characters.

I also really did not like the ending. Generally I am not a reader who needs everything to tie up perfectly, but I felt like The Fever waved away a lot of issues that it raised earlier on in the narrative. It was an engaging read, but the last quarter of the book fell a bit flat for me.


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